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15 May 2015 - Seminar on aspects of the law of prescription: Latent damage - 25 June 2015

We are holding a seminar on the first aspect of prescription which we are looking at – the starting date for prescription of obligations to pay damages. Read more...

12 May 2015 - Conference: Fifty Years of the Law Commissions

A conference is being held to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Law Commissions Act 1965. Read more...

23 April 2015 - Scottish Planning and Environmental Law Journal publishes useful summary of the Compulsory Purchase project

In this month’s edition, the Scottish Planning and Environmental Law Journal publishes a very useful summary of the Commission’s project on the reform of Compulsory Purchase law by Burness Paull Partner and co-author of “Compulsory Purchase and Compensation: The Law in Scotland”, Elaine Farquharson-Black. Read more...

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