Unjustified threats on intellectual property rights: consultation by The IPO

23 Oct 2015

The Law Commission of England and Wales has published a Report and Bill that would implement the reforms it recommended in 2014 to patents, trade marks and designs.  The report also makes two new recommendations that would apply the reformed law to the unitary patent.   If enacted, the Bill, which would apply to the UK,  would bring the law for trade marks and designs into line with that for patents. It would also provide a much clearer framework within which businesses and their professional advisers can operate to resolve disputes.

The IPO is keen to confirm stakeholder views and has launched a consultation which closes on 13 November.  The following questions are asked:  Do you agree that reform of the law in this area is required? Do you support the general approach to reform, as recommended by the Law Commission? Do you consider the Bill suitable for a Parliamentary procedure designed for uncontroversial Law Commission bills?

For more details, see https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/unjustified-threats-on-intellectual-property-rights