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2010 DP/CM 142: Accumulation of Income and Lifetime of Private Trusts

2009 Report 221: Annual Report 2009


No legislation required.

2009 Report 219: Consumer Insurance Law: Pre-contract Disclosure and Misrepresentation


The Scottish Government gave their initial response to the Report in March 2010 and gave a further response following the successful passage of the Bill through the UK Parliament.

2009 Report 218: Double Jeopardy

  • Related project: Double jeopardy
  • Preceding Discussion Papers: DP 141 - Double Jeopardy (1 MB)
  • Implementing legislation: Double Jeopardy (Scotland) Act 2011 ,

2009 Report 217: Unincorporated Associations


Implementing legislation: none (but see the Scottish Government's initial response and the Scotland Office consultation on Reforming the law on Scottish unincorporated associations and criminal liability of Scottish partnerships published April 2012)

2009 Report 216: Consumer Remedies for Faulty Goods


See the Scottish Government's initial response.

2009 Report 215: Succession


See the Scottish Government's response.

See also the Scottish Government's initial response.

See here for the Scottish Government's second consultation in 2015; and their Analysis of Responses, and their Response to the consultation.

2009 Report 214: Annual Report 2008


No legislation required.

2009 DP/CM 141: Double Jeopardy

2008 Report 213: Damages for Wrongful Death


See also Scottish Government consultation paper on Civil Law of Damages: Issues in Personal Injury.