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Publications - Reports (1990-1999)

52 publications
Publication year:

1992 Report 134: Effect of Death on Damages

1992 Report 133: Statutory Fees for Arrestees


Implementing legislation: none.

1991 Report 132: Social Security Contributions and Benefits Bill, Social Security Administration Bill, Social Security (Consequential Provisions) Bill: Report on the Consolidation of the Legislation relating to Social Security

1991 Report 131: Twenty-Sixth Annual Report 1990-91


No legislation required.

1990 Report 129: Private International Law: Choice of Law in Tort and Delict

1990 Report 128: Twenty-Fifth Annual Report 1989-90


No legislation required.

1990 Report 127: Passing of Risk in Contracts for the Sale of Heritable Property

1990 Report 126: Fourth Programme of Law Reform