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1975 Report 37: Ninth Annual Report


No legislation required.

1976 Report 42: Family Law: Report on Liability for Adultery and Enticement of a Spouse

1976 Report 41: Tenth Annual Report 1974-75


No legislation required.

1977 Report 45: Liability for Defective Products

1977 Report 44: Statute Law Revision: Eighth Report

  • Related project: Statute law repeals
  • Implementing legislation: Statute Law (Repeals) Act 1977 (c 18) ,

1977 Report 43: Eleventh Annual Report 1975-76


No legislation required.

1978 Report 54: Customs and Excise Management Bill: Report on the consolidation of the enactments relating to the collection and management of revenues of customs and excise

1978 Report 53: Interpretation Bill: Report on the Interpretation Act 1889 and certain other enactments relating to the construction and operation of Acts of Parliament and other instruments

1978 Report 52: Married Women's Policies of Assurance (Scotland) Act 1880

1978 Report 51: Damages for Personal Injuries: Report on (1) Admissibility of Claims for Services (2) Admissible Deductions