Publications marked * were produced jointly with the Law Commission for England and Wales.

Note that pdf files marked ° are scanned images which have not been processed for optical character recognition (ocr). Please contact us if you require an ocr version.


°Consultation paper on the law of bankruptcy: solatium for personal injury/future wage loss

°Multi-Party Actions: Report by Working Party set up by the Scottish Law Commission (to be considered with Discussion Paper 98)


°Response to 1993 Review of Criminal Evidence and Criminal Procedure - Programming of Business in the Sheriff Courts


*°Consultation paper on formation of contract: Scottish Law and the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (Resulting Report Scot Law Com No 144)

°Mutual boundary walls: consultation paper


*°Supplementary consultation paper: sale of goods forming part of a bulk - insolvency aspects


°Arrestments of ships securing claims against demise charters: consultation paper

°The effect of the execution of diligence on the operation of prescription: consultation paper

°Report on the effect of the execution of diligence on the operation of prescription


°Research paper on evidence from children – alternatives to in-court testimony in criminal proceedings in the United States of America / by Kathleen Murray


°Report by Working Party on Security over Moveable Property (Halliday Report)

Termination of leases: contracting out of the statutory notice provisions. Consultation paper

°The Scottish Term and Quarter Days: a statutory definition. Consultation paper (Resulting Report Scot Law Com No 108)


°Art and part guilt of statutory offences: consultation paper 

°Research Paper on Actions of Ejection and Removing by Mr A G M Duncan


Conflicts of jurisdiction affecting the custody of children: supplementary consultation paper

°Consultation paper - illegitimacy and the Guardianship Acts

Custody of children: jurisdiction and enforcement within the United Kingdom: jurisdiction of the Sheriff Court. Consultation paper

*°Recognition of foreign nullity decrees and related matters: a consultation paper


°Breach of confidence: consultation paper 

Consultation paper: contract law. 1. Exchange of standard term forms in contract formation; 2. Law reform proposals


°Family law. Financial Provision after Foreign Divorce: Consultation Paper


°Prescription and limitation in private international law: draft consultative paper 


°Insolvency, bankruptcy and liquidation: consultation paper on Gibson v Hunter Home Designs Ltd

*°Private international law. Report on the choice of law rules in the EEC Draft Non-Life Insurance Services Directive

°Research paper on the law of evidence in Scotland / by Sheriff I D Macphail (chapters 1-5; 6-15; 16-19; 20-25) (to be considered with Consultative Memorandum 46)


°Insolvency, bankruptcy and liquidation in Scotland – consultation paper

*°Private International Law – Consultative Document on EEC Preliminary Draft Convention on the Law applicable to Contractual and Non-Contractual Obligations: consultative document


°Consultative paper on divorce for incurable insanity


°Married Women's Policies of Assurance (Scotland) Act 1880 –  draft working paper