Consultation on SLC Bills – a triage approach

13 Oct 2023

We welcome a new approach being taken by the Scottish Government in respect of SLC Bills introduced into the Scottish Parliament where they implement an SLC Report which was published a significant time ago.  In order to determine whether fresh consultation is needed, a triage process is envisaged.  It will focus on three questions:

  • Was the Report published a significant time ago?  If so, how likely is it that the consultation views received by the SLC are still held?
  • Are there any groups of people who are likely to have a view but who didn’t contribute to the SLC’s consultation process?
  • Has the landscape in this area of the law changed since the Report was published?  If so, are the changes material to any of the recommendations contained in the Report?

If the need for further consultation is identified it will be carried out by the Scottish Government.

Further details are contained in a letter from the Minister for Victims and Community Safety to the Convener of the Delegated Powers and Law Reform Committee which can be seen here.