Annual Report

Annual Report 2015

(Scot Law Com No 244)

The Report outlines progress on the Commission’s law reform work during 2015.  It also highlights events held during 2015 to mark the 50th year since the Commission was set up.  The Chairman of the Scottish Law Commission, Lord Pentland, said:

“I am pleased to present our Annual Report for 2015, a year which marked not just the commencement of work on our Ninth Programme of Law Reform, but also the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Scottish Law Commission.

As the Report explains, a number of events took place to celebrate this milestone in Scottish legal history; these included our playing host to an international conference of law reformers in Edinburgh and visits to the Commission by the First Minister, the Cabinet Secretary for Justice and the Secretary of State for Scotland."

For half a century the Scottish Law Commission has been at the forefront of promoting, developing and delivering reforms of Scots law to ensure that our legal system keeps pace with changes in society.  That is our mission.”

The Chairman welcomed the continued progress in the Scottish Parliament on the Commission’s recommendations for law reform.  He stated that the procedure involving the Delegated Powers and Law Reform Committee is proving to be very effective and successful, with one Commission Bill already enacted, and another one passed.  A third Commission Bill, a consolidation of bankruptcy legislation, is currently proceeding in the Parliament. 

Lord Pentland also noted that at the Westminster Parliament there were important achievements for the Commission in 2015, with the enactment of the Insurance Act 2015 and the Consumer Rights Act 2015; the Enterprise Bill is currently before the House of Commons with important reforms on the law on late payment of insurance claims.