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02.11.22 Report on Cohabitation (Report No 261)
05.10.22 Report on Aspects of Leases (Report No 260)
05.05.22 Consultation on our Eleventh Programme of Law Reform
07.03.22 Annual Report 2021 (Report No 259)
23.02.22 Discussion Paper on Damages for Personal Injury (DP No 174)
26.01.22 Self-driving cars: Law Commissions publish joint report on Automated Vehicles (SLC No 258/LC No 404)


17.12.21 Discussion Paper on Heritable Securities (DP No 173)
10.12.21 Consultation on draft Leases (Automatic Continuation etc.) (Scotland) Bill
27.05.21 Discussion Paper on the Mental Element in Homicide (DP No 172)
19.03.21 Annual Report 2020 (Report No 257)


18.12.20 Automated Vehicles - Consultation Paper Published  (SLC DP No 171/LC CP No 252)
17.03.20 Electoral reforms would reduce confusion and bring elections into the 21st Century (Joint report SLC No 256/LC No 389)
26.02.20 A review of cohabitation law in Scotland (DP No 170)
24.02.20 Scottish Law Commission Annual Report 2019 (Report No 255)


16.10.19 Law Commissions looks to future with self-driving vehicles (A joint consultation paper SLCDP No 169; LCCP No 245)
18.06.19 Major review of mortgage law - Discussion Paper on Heritable Securities: Pre-default (DP No 168)
06.06.19 Surrogacy reforms to improve the law for all (A joint consultation paper LCCP No 244; SLCDP No 167)
16.04.19 Clarifying the rules on enforcing real burdens - Section 53 of the Title Conditions (Scotland) Act 2003 (Report No 254)
28.02.19 Scottish Law Commission Annual Report 2018 (Report No 253)


11.12.18 Trust Law reform
08.11.18 Law Commissions' open consultation into new rules for UK's self-driving future
08.10.18 Scottish Law Commission holds homicide law reform seminar in conjunction with Strathclyde and Glasgow Law Schools
10.09.18 Homicide law reform - Law Commission teams up with Strathclyde Law School
18.05.18 Focus on commercial leases, especially on termination (DP No 165)
11.05.18 Bringing clarity to who can enforce title conditions (DP No 164)
29.03.18 Modernising contract law in Scotland (Report No 252)
28.02.18 Scottish Law Commission Annual Report 2017 (Report No 251)
22.02.18 Scottish Law Commission launches Tenth Programme of Law Reform (Report No 250)


19.12.17 Improving access to finance in Scotland (Report No 249)
14.12.17 Report on Defamation (Report No 248)
14.07.17 Time-Limits and raising claims in court (Report No 247)
10.07.17 Honouring performance, not breach? (DP No 163)
21.06.17 Parliamentary Reform - Report
26.04.17 Consultation on Tenth Programme of Law Reform
28.02.17 Annual Report 2016 (Report No 246)


30.11.16 Penalties called onside? DP on Penalty Clauses (DP No 162)
15.09.16 Scottish Law Commission and Scottish Law Schools to work more closely together on law reform
15.07.16 Review of Contract Law - Report on Third Party Rights (No 245)
06.07.16 The Scottish Law Commission goes digital only
17.03.16 Defamation law: time for change? (DP No 161)
22.02.16 Time-limits for raising claims in court (DP No 160)
19.02.16 Annual Report 2015 (Report No 244)
04.02.16 A single legal framework for UK elections



17.12.14 Discussion Paper on Compulsory Purchase (DP 159)
09.12.14 Reforming electoral law across the UK
27.11.14 Scottish Ministers' Programme for Government 2014-15
14.11.14 Green light for counterpart execution and electronic delivery of documents
01.10.14 Report on Adults with Incapacity
01.10.14 New consumer rights for victims of rogue traders
26.08.14 Report on Trust Law (Report 239)
22.07.14 Insurance contract law for business - the need for reform (Joint Report LC 353/SLC 238)
22.05.14 First law reform Bill for a new process in the Scottish Parliament.
22.05.14 Preparation of the Commission's Ninth Programme of Law Reform
15.05.14 Legal Writings (Counterparts and Delivery) (Scotland) Bill
02.04.14 Regulation of Health Care Professionals (Report 237)
28.03.14 Review of Contract Law: Discussion Paper on Third Party Rights in Contract (DP 157)
20.03.14 Annual Report 2013 (Report 236)


19.12.13 Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies (Report 235)
26.09.13 Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Consolidation
04.09.13 Programme for Government 2013-14
29.08.13 New regime for judicial factories in Scotland (Report 233)
30.05.13 New procedure for Commission Bills
14.05.13 Consolidation of Bankruptcy Legislation in Scotland (Report 232)


11.12.12 Reforming electoral law across the UK
31.07.12 Discussion Paper on Adults with Incapacity
26.07.12 Reforming the duty of disclosure in business insurance, and bringing warranty law up to date
25.07.12 Protecting consumers from unfair terms in contracts
23.05.12 Judges and juries to hear of accused's record (Report 229)
09.05.12 Report on prescription and title to moveable property (Report 228)
04.04.12 Tidying up the statute book (Report 227)
28.03.12 Protecting consumers from scams and rip-offs (Report 226)
23.03.12 Contract formation for the electronic age (DP 154)
01.03.12 Regulating health and social care professionals (DP 153)
29.02.12 Scottish Law Commission publishes its annual report for 2011 (Report 225)


20.12.11 Making insurance contract law work for bereaved families and dependants (DP 152)
20.12.11 Improve remedies for late payment of valid insurance claims, say Law Commissions (DP 152)
13.12.11 Partnerships - criminal liability extended (Report 224)
15.08.11 Making bankruptcy law accessible
24.06.11 A helping hand for Scottish businesses - moveable transactions (DP 151)
17.05.11 A Bill to balance the rights of consumers and insurers (Report 219)
11.05.11 Prosecuting partnerships and partners (DP 150)
06.05.11 Clamping down on scams and rip-offs (DP 149)
07.04.11 Discussion paper on supplementary and miscellaneous issues relating to trust law (DP 148)
25.02.11 Scottish Law Commission publishes its Annual Report for 2010 (Report 223)
23.02.11 Yes, you have a contract - but what does it mean? (DP 147)


22.12.10 Judicial factor: what's in a name? (DP 146)
21.12.10 Scottish Law Commission publishes discussion paper on simlar fact evidence and the Moorov doctrine (DP 145)
09.12.10 Discussion paper on prescription and title to moveable property (DP 144)
21.10.10 Link between the Scottish Law Commission and the Malawi Law Commission
22.07.10 Getting level crossings law on track (DP 143)
19.07.10 The broker's liability for premiums: out of step with modern commercial practice? (Insurance contract law Issues Paper 8)
09.07.10 What price should policyholders pay for fraudulent insurance claims? (Insurance contract law Issues Paper 7)
24.03.10 Law Commissions consult on insurance law reform: should insurers pay damages for late payment? (Insurance contract law Issues Paper 6)
26.02.10 Updating Scotland's land registration system (Report 222)
18.02.10 Scottish Law Commission publishes its latest annual report (Report 221)
12.02.10 Scottish Law Commission announces eighth programme of law reform (Report 220)
05.01.10 Discussion paper on accumulation of income and lifetime of private trusts (DP 142)


15.12.09 New insurance laws needed to protect consumers (Report 219)
02.12.09 Scottish Law Commission updates rule against second trial (Report 218)
26.11.09 Recognising the existence of associations and clubs (Report 217)
06.11.09 Micro-businesses "horrified" by law on insurance (Insurance Issues Paper 5)
04.11.09 Commissions favour the right to a refund (Report 216)
13.05.09 We must keep right to reject say consultees (DP 139)
30.04.09 Changing the law - get your ideas heard
15.04.09 Report on Succession (Report 215)
27.02.09 Scottish Law Commission Annual Report 2008 (Report 214)
21.01.09 Scottish Law Commission considers exceptions to double jeopardy (DP 141)


03.12.08 A new legal status for non-profit clubs and associations? (DP 140)
10.11.08 Faulty goods: fair remedies for consumers (DP 139)
30.09.08 Report on Damages for Wrongful Death (Report 213)
31.07.08 Scottish Law Commission recommends right of appeal for prosecution (Report 212)
22.07.08 Statute book cleared of clutter (Report 210)
07.05.08 Trust law review: liability of trustees to third parties (DP 138)
31.03.08 Discussion paper on crown appeals (DP 137)
28.02.08 Scottish Law Commission Annual Report 2007 (Report 211)
29.01.08 Sweeping out the statute book (Report 210)


19.12.07 Justice, clarity and consent: new sex laws for Scotland (Report 209)
12.12.07 Report on Sharp v Thomson: recommendations for improved transactional security for buyers (Report 208)
05.12.07 Victims to have longer to make claims for personal injuries (Report 207)
16.08.07 You can't take it with you (Discussion Paper 136)
01.08.07 Discussion paper on damages for wrongful death (Discussion Paper 135)
17.07.07 How do we make insurance contract law clear, up-to-date and fair? (Discussion Paper 134)
30.03.07 Variation and termination of trusts (Report 206)
20.03.07 Scottish Law Commission annual report 2006 (Report 205)


21.12.06  Conversion of ultra-long leases into ownership recommended (Report 204)
26.10.06 Trust law review: the nature and the constitution of trusts (Discussion Paper 133)
26.09.06  New statutory right to interest recommended (Report 203)
08.03.06  Scottish Law Commission annual report 2005 (Report 201)
27.02.06 Discussion paper on personal injury actions: limitation and prescribed claims (Discussion Paper 132)
30.01.06  Consultation begins in sexual offence reforms (Discussion Paper 131)
18.01.06  Law Commissions review insurance contract law


20.12.05 Land registration (Discussion Paper 130)
15.12.05 Trust law review: variation and termination of trusts (Discussion Paper 129)
26.08.05 Land registration (Discussion Paper 128)
15.04.05 Scottish Law Commission annual report 2004 (Report 200)
24.02.05 Making the law on unfair contract terms easier to understand and increasing the protection for small businesses (Report 199)
21.02.05 SLC announces Seventh Programme of Law Reform (Report 198)
17.01.05 Discussion Paper on Interest on Debt and Damages (Discussion Paper 127)


16.12.04 Trust law review: trustees and trust administration (Discussion Paper 126)
24.11.04 Revolution in property law on 28 November 2004
07.09.04 Registration of rights in security by companies (Report 197)
10.08.04 Damages for Psychiatric Injury (Report 196)
22.07.04 Clearing out the legal dead wood (Statute Law Revision: 17th report - Report 193)
02.07.04 Public consultation launched on plans for future law reform work
01.07.04 Report on Insanity and Diminished Responsibility (Report 195)
07.04.04 Scottish Law Commission annual report 2003 (Report 194)
16.02.04 Land registration (Discussion Paper 125)


16.12.03 Statute Law Revision: 17th report (Report 193)
18.11.03 Report on partnership law (Report 192)
10.09.03 Publication of draft criminal code for Scotland
03.09.03 Trust law review: breach of trust and apportionment (Discussion Papers 123, 124)
25.06.03 Irritancy in leases of land (Report 191)
31.03.03 Law of the foreshore and sea bed (Report 190)
27.03.03 Scottish Law Commission's thirty-seventh annual report 2002 (Report 189)
24.01.03 Insanity and diminished responsibility (Discussion Paper 122)
24.01.03 Insanity and diminished responsibility: briefing paper (Discussion Paper 122)


31.10.02 Registration of rights in security by companies (Discussion Paper 121)
10.10.02 Report on consolidation of certain enactments relating to salmon and freshwater fisheries in Scotland (Report 188)
13.08.02 Damages for psychiatric injury (Discussion Paper 120)
08.08.02 Title to sue for non-patrimonial loss (Report 187)
07.08.02 Simplify laws in consumer small print say Law Commissions (Unfair Terms in Contracts: a joint consultation paper - Discussion Paper 119)
28.02.02 The Scottish Law Commission's thirty-sixth annual report 2001 (Report 186)
14.01.02 Age of criminal responsibility (Report 185)


06.11.01 The Limited Partnerships Act 1907 (Discussion Paper 118)
25.10.01 Irritancy in leases (Discussion Paper 117)
08.10.01 Title to sue for non-patrimonial loss (Discussion paper 116)
31.07.01 Age of criminal responsibility (Discussion Paper 115)
31.07.01 Third parties - rights against insurers (Report 184)
16.07.01 The insolvent seller and the protection of buyers (Sharp v Thomson - Discussion Paper 114)
17.05.01 Report on Diligence (Report 183)
30.04.01 Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Consolidation: Draft Recommendations
19.04.01 Law of the Foreshore and Seabed (Discussion Paper 113)
17.04.01 Conversion of long leases (Discussion Paper 112)
08.03.01 The Scottish Law Commission's thirty-fifth annual report (Report 182)


26.10.00 Report on Real Burdens (Report 181)
03.10.00 The Law Commissions review Strasbourg case law on the award of damages under ECHR (Report 180)
13.09.00 Partnership Law for the new millennium (Discussion Paper 111)