Legal Assistants

28 Jan 2011

Applications are now closed for a small number of law graduates for fixed-term appointments of one year, to work as legal assistants on our current and planned law reform projects.  Appointments will start in September 2011.  The current projects include work on:

  • Adults with incapacity
  • Moveable transactions (security over corporeal and incorporeal moveable property; assignation of incorporeal moveable property)
  • Prescription and title to moveable property
  • Similar fact evidence and the Moorov doctrine
  • Contract law in light of the Draft Common Frame of Reference
  • Trusts
  • Judicial Factors
  • Level Crossings
  • Insurance Law
  • Consolidation of Statutes
  • Statute Law Repeals

Applications are also closed for a limited number of short (unpaid) work placements in 2011.

See the Working with us page for further details.