Surrogacy - Short Form Questionnaire for Consultees with Personal Experience of Surrogacy

19 Aug 2019

While we encourage everyone to consider answering all of the questions we ask in our consultation paper, we recognise that there are some questions which may be of particular interest to people with personal (rather than professional) experience of surrogacy. These people include surrogates, intended parents, adults born of surrogacy and family members of people who have been involved in surrogacy. We have therefore made a Short Form Questionnaire available.

If you have personal experience of surrogacy, you may wish to fill in the Short Form Questionnaire, which contains an extract of only some of the questions we ask in our full paper. Consultation responses received through the Short Form Questionnaire will be considered in exactly the same way as other methods of responding to our consultation. Please note that you do not have to answer every question in either the Short Form Questionnaire or through our online form. You only need to use one form to submit your response to the consultation.

To respond using the Short Form Questionnaire, click here to download the Word Document Form. Fill in the answer fields and save a completed copy, then email the completed form to

To instead respond to the full list of questions we ask in the consultation, please go to: