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443 publications
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1972 DP/CM 19: Powers of Judicial Factors

1972 DP/CM 18: Liability of a Paramour in Damages for Adultery and Enticement of a Spouse

1972 DP/CM 17: Damages for Injuries Causing Death

1971 Report 23: Sixth Annual Report 1970-71


No legislation required.

1971 Report 22: The Road Traffic Bill: Report on the consolidation of certain enactments relating to road traffic

1971 Report 21: Taxation of Income and Gains derived from Land

1971 Report 20: National Savings Bank Bill: Report on the consolidation of enactments relating to the National Savings Bank

1971 DP/CM 15: The Exclusion of Liability for Negligence in the Sale of Goods and Exemption Clauses for the Supply of Services and Other Contracts

1971 DP/CM 14: Remedies in Administrative Law


No resulting report.