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2007 Report 206: Variation and Termination of Trusts


Implementing legislation: none.

2007 Report 205: Annual Report 2006


No legislation required.

2007 DP/CM 136: Succession

2007 DP/CM 135: Damages for Wrongful Death

2007 DP/CM 134: Insurance Contract Law: Misrepresentation, Non-Disclosure and Breach of Warranty by the Insured

2006 Report 204: Conversion of Long Leases

2006 Report 203: Interest on Debt and Damages


The Scottish Government does not intend to implement the recommendations on interest on debt; but will consider further the recommendations on interest on damages when considering the reform of damages generally:  see the letter from the Scottish Government.

2006 Report 202: Parliamentary Costs Bill: Report on the Consolidation of Legislation relating to Parliamentary Costs

2006 Report 201: Annual Report 2005


No legislation required.

2006 DP/CM 133: The Nature and Constitution of Trusts