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Publications - Reports (1980-1989)

67 publications
Publication year:

1983 Report 77: Medical Bill: Report on the consolidation of the Medical Acts 1956 to 1978 and certain related provisions

1983 Report 76: Family Law: Report on Outdated Rules in the Law of Husband and Wife

1983 Report 75: Irritancies in Leases

1983 Report 74: Prescripton and the Limitation of Actions: Report on Personal Injuries Actions and Private International Law Questions

1984 Report 90: Breach of Confidence


No legislation required.

1984 Report 89: Nineteenth Annual Report 1983-84


No legislation required.

1984 Report 88: Private International Law: Report on Recognition of Foreign Nullity Decrees and Related Matters

1984 Report 87: Further Amendments of the Companies Acts 1948-1983

1984 Report 86: Family Law: Report on Matrimonial Property