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Publications - Reports (1990-1999)

52 publications
Publication year:

1999 Report 174: Remedies for Breach of Contract


Implementing legislation: none.

1999 Report 173: Company Directors: Regulating Conflicts of Interest and Formulating a Statement of Duties

1999 Report 172: Trustees' Powers and Duties

  • Related project: Trusts
  • Implementing legislation: Scottish recommendations implemented by Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 (asp 10), Part 3 ,

1999 Report 171: Penalty Clauses


Implementing legislation: none (but see the Scottish Government's consultation on the Penalty Clauses (Scotland) Bill, July 2010.

1999 Report 170: Chronological Table of Private and Personal Acts

1999 Report 169: Unjustified Enrichment, Error of Law and Public Authority Receipts and Disbursements


Implementing legislation: none.  Nearly all the recommendations were no change.  The effect of the Commission's work had manifested itself earlier in the error of law/interest swop cases in Scotland and England.

1999 Report 168: Abolition of the Feudal System

1999 Report 167: Thirty-Third Annual Report 1997-98


No legislation required.

1998 Report 166: Statute Law Revision: Sixteenth Report

  • Related project: Statute law repeals
  • Implementing legislation: Statute Law (Repeals) Act 1998 (c 43) ,

1998 Report 165: Leasehold Casualties