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1985 Report 99: Statute Law Revision: Twelfth Report

  • Related project: Statute law repeals
  • Implementing legislation: Statute Law (Repeals) Act 1986 (c 12) ,

1985 Report 98: Twentieth Annual Report 1984-85


No legislation required.

1985 Report 97: Obligations: Report on Civil Liability in Relation to Animals

1985 Report 96: Private International Law: Polygamous Marriages: Report on Capacity to Contract a Polygamous Marriage and Related Issues

1985 Report 94: Consolidation of the Housing Acts: Housing Bill, Housing Associations Bill, Landlord and Tenant Bill

1985 Report 93: Criminal Law: Art and Part Guilt of Statutory Offences

1985 Report 92: Obligations: Report on Negligent Misrepresentation

1984 Report 90: Breach of Confidence


No legislation required.