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Consultation on draft Leases (Automatic Continuation etc.) (Scotland) Bill

2021 DP/CM 172: Discussion Paper on the Mental Element in Homicide (DP No 172)

2021 Report 257: Annual Report 2020

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2016 Report 245: Review of Contract Law - Report on Third Party Rights


See the Scottish Government's response.


2016 Report 244: Annual Report 2015

2015 Report 243: Statute Law Repeals: Twentieth Report: Draft Statute Law (Repeals) Bill


Implementing legislation: none.

2015 Report 241: Annual Report 2014


No legislation required.

2014 Report 240: Adults with Incapacity


Implementing legislation: none (but see the Scottish Government's initial response, consultation in December 2015 and the Scottish Government's proposals in January 2018)