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2021 DP/CM 172: Discussion Paper on the Mental Element in Homicide (DP No 172)

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2013 Report 231: Review of Contract Law - Report on Formation of Contract: Execution in Counterpart


See the Scottish Government's initial response.

2013 Report 230: Annual Report 2012


No legislation required.

2012 Report 229: Similar Fact Evidence and the Moorov Doctrine

2012 Report 227: Statute Law Repeals: Nineteenth Report: Draft Statute Law (Repeals) Bill

  • Related project: Statute law repeals
  • Implementing legislation: Statute Law (Repeals) Act 2013 (c 2) ,

2012 Report 225: Annual Report 2011


No legislation required.

2012 DP/CM 155: Insurance Contract Law: The Business Insured's Duty of Disclosure and the Law of Warranties