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Publications - Discussion Papers & Consultative Memoranda

177 publications
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1977 DP/CM 34: Constitution and Proof of Voluntary Obligations: General Introduction and Summary of Provisional Proposals

1978 DP/CM 42: Defective Consent and Consequential Matters

1979 DP/CM 43: Voluntary Obligations: Defective Expression and its Correction

1980 DP/CM 52: Irritancies in Leases

1980 DP/CM 51: Fifth Memorandum on Diligence: Administration of Diligence

1980 DP/CM 50: Fourth Memorandum on Diligence: Debt Arrangment Schemes

1980 DP/CM 49: Third Memorandum on Diligence: Arrestment and Judicial Transfer of Earnings

1980 DP/CM 48: Second Memorandum on Diligence: Poindings and Warrant Sales

1980 DP/CM 47: First Memorandum on Diligence: General Issues and Introduction