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Publications - Reports (1980-1989)

67 publications
Publication year:

1988 Report 112: Requirements of Writing

1988 Report 111: Court of Session Bill: Report on the Consolidation of Certain Enactments, and the Repeal of Other Enactments, relating to the Court of Session

1987 Report 110: Legal Capacity and Responsibility of Minors and Pupils

1987 Report 109: Twenty-Second Annual Report 1986-87


No legislation required.

1987 Report 107: Private International Law: Report on the Law of Domicile

1987 Report 106: Computer Crime

1987 Report 105: Private International Law: Choice of Law Rules in Marriage

1987 Report 104: Sale and Supply of Goods

1987 Report 103: Housing (Scotland) Bill: Report on the Consolidation of Certain Enactments relating to Housing in Scotland