Consultation papers and other documents

From time to time the Commission issues miscellaneous consultation and other papers which are not included in our series of numbered Discussion Papers or Reports. This page links to electronic versions of papers published since 2001 plus earlier ones where available.
Papers marked * were produced jointly with the Law Commission.
Papers marked ♦ were produced jointly with the Law Commission for England and Wales and the Northern Ireland Law Commission


February 2016 Joint Interim Report♦ on Electoral Law and Summary (electronic only)


March 2015 Issues Paper on *Insurable interest: updated proposals (electronic-only) 


March 2013 Advice to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills on Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts



December 2011  Consultation paper on defects in the exercise of fiduciary powers (electronic-only)

November 2011  *An optional common European sales law: advantages and problems (advice to the UK Government) (electronic-only)

August 2011  Consultation paper on the consolidation of bankruptcy legislation in Scotland (electronic-only)

  • Closing date for comments: 30 November 2011. The consultation period has now formally closed, but responses are still welcome.

March 2011  Statute law repeals: consultation paper on abortive railway projects: proposed repeals (electronic-only)


December 2010  *Reforming insurance contract law


November 2010  *Reforming insurance contract law


October 2010  *Reforming insurance contract law


October 2010  *Misrepresentation and unfair commercial practices


July 2010 *Reforming insurance contract law

  • Closing date for comments: 19 October 2010
  • Summary

July 2010 *Reforming insurance contract law

  • Closing date for comments: 11 October 2010

March 2010 *Insurance contract law

  • Closing date for comments: 24 June 2010


November 2009 *Reforming insurance contract law

September 2009 Statute law repeals

May 2009 *Consumer remedies for faulty goods

April 2009 *Reforming insurance contract law

March 2009 *Reforming insurance contract law


October 2008 *Reforming insurance contract law

May 2008 *Reforming insurance contract law

January 2008 *Insurance contract law


March 2007 *Insurance contract law


November 2006 *Insurance contract law

Issues Paper 2: warranties (electronic-only)

September 2006 *Insurance contract law

August 2006 *Insurance contract law

January 2006 *Insurance contract law


  • (Please note that this version incorporates minor corrections requested by the authors. A corrigenda slip has been issued with the printed copies)
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