How we deliver our functions and services

In offering the Government independent advice on law reform, the Commission works under a programme of law reform.  A consultation is carried out on the possible content of each Programme, before the Programme is submitted to Scottish Ministers for approval and laid before the Scottish Parliament.  During the consultation, we ask for ideas for law reform projects from Government, the judiciary, the legal and business worlds, interest groups and the public.  The Commission also accepts referrals at any time from Ministers and Government departments, seeking to review areas of law.

We are currently working on our Tenth Programme of Law Reform.

Law reform projects

A summary of the steps taken as we go through the process of deciding on recommendations for reform is set out in this flow chart.

In About us, we describe –

  • how we approach an individual law reform project included within a Programme of Law Reform, including consultation, and the delivery of our recommendations to Ministers, and our publications for these purposes
  • our work on consolidation of statutes
  • our work on statute law repeals
  • The giving of advice and information to government.


The Commission produces a newsletter twice year, giving information about the Commission's activities and details of progress with current law reform projects.  The newsletters are published on our website.

News about the Commission's activities, including press releases for individual law reform projects, are also made available on our website.