How we manage our human, physical and information resources

Code of Conduct for Law Commissioners

The promotion of high standards in public life is essential to ensure and reinforce public confidence in the activities and responsibilities of public bodies. The Ethical Standards in Public Life etc (Scotland) Act 2000 (Codes of Conduct for Members of certain Scottish Public Authorities) Order 2006, which came into force on 1 April 2006, requires members of all Scottish Public Authorities covered by it, including members of the Scottish Law Commission, to comply with an appropriate code of conduct as well as declare a register of interests. We have adopted the following Code of Conduct which is approved by Scottish Ministers and the Standards Commission for Scotland:

Code of conduct

Register of Commissioners' interests

Equality and diversity statement

The Commission's statement sets out our commitment to equality and diversity and the steps we take to ensure that equality and diversity issues are taken fully into account in our work.

Environmental management

In common with other public bodies in Scotland, the Commission has a responsibility under the Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004 to further the conservation of biodiversity. Our law reform functions themselves are unlikely to have implications for biodiversity (unless for example a law reform project were reviewing some aspect of environmental law). The duty does, however, impact on aspects of the Commission's operations such as purchasing of supplies, disposal of waste, use of paper, and water and energy resources.

We have therefore developed an environmental management policy which will help us to improve our conservation performance in these areas by setting appropriate targets and objectives. After reviewing our performance for the year 2017-18 we have updated the targets and objectives for 2018-19. In monitoring our progress towards meeting these targets we will aim to identify the scope for further improvements.

Health and safety

The Commission has adopted a health and safety policy.


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